Daily epilogue gathering

We commit to being in silence from 9-9.15 pm (21-21.15) daily to hold our world in Light and to open to whatever comes to us/through us.

Getting familiar with Quakers – A special event on Sunday 23/2/2020 in Helsinki

On Sunday 23/2/2020 at 10.30 onwards at Rauhanasema in Helsinki (at the adress Veturitori 3, right next to Pasila railways station) we’ll have a special event, which offers a great opportunity especially for newcomers to get to know about Quakers and try out the Silent Meeting for Worship. Jaana Erkkilä will tell about Quakers at 10.30 and one hour Meeting for Worship will start at 11.00 am. After that there’s time for relaxed chatting and a light meal together. WARMLY...

2/2/2020 Helsinki: Important meeting about Helsinki Worship group arrangements

On sunday 2/2/20 after the Silent Meeting for Worship at Rauhanasema, we will gather to talk about the arrangements of the meetings in Helsinki, especially how we could gather in Helsinki every sunday without exceptions. Anyone involved in or concerned with Helsiki Worship Group’s activities is warmly welcome, and also volunteers to open the door, make coffee etc. practical arrangements to welcome people to the meeting in the future are...