2/2/2020 Helsinki: Important meeting about Helsinki Worship group arrangements

On sunday 2/2/20 after the Silent Meeting for Worship at Rauhanasema, we will gather to talk about the arrangements of the meetings in Helsinki, especially how we could gather in Helsinki every sunday without exceptions. Anyone involved in or concerned with Helsiki Worship Group’s activities is warmly welcome, and also volunteers to open the door, make coffee etc. practical arrangements to welcome people to the meeting in the future are...

Meetings for Worship in Helsinki in December

The Meeting group in Helsinki will meet two more times in December this year. The meetings in Pasila will be held as usual on Dec 15 and Dec 29. However, the meeting on Sunday 22nd is cancelled.

Jane represented FYM in Britain Yearly Meeting

Britain Yearly Meeting 4-7.5. 2018. Held in Friends House, Euston Road, London What an amazing contrast to be in both Finland Yearly Meeting and Britain Yearly Meeting within a week. Our own YM with 17 Friends including Alvin aged 4 and Britain YM with over 1000 Friends and 6 groups for children and young people: New shoots (0-2) Fox Cubs (3-6) Penn Friends (7-9) Spiritual Adventurers (9-11) Young People’s Program (11-15) and Junior Yearly Meeting (16-18). But yet, the similarities seemed more striking than the difference in numbers might suggest. I took with me the quality of the Worship and Spirit that I experienced in Ilkko at the end of April and I found the same depth of Spirit in the gathered silence among the many of us worshiping in Friend’s House central London. The final ministry from our Sunday morning worship in Ilkko brought us the message of how Quaker structures and ways of service have changed as Friends have learned to see what was not obvious to them before. Britain YM spent the whole weekend considering whether the time is right to revise the ‘red book’ Quaker Faith and Practice in Britain YM; not change for the sake of change, but because the world has changed, and Quaker experience has changed, and the new book needs to reflect this; not least because there is a new generation of younger Friends and more coming. We were asked to treat younger Friends as ‘the now’ and not ‘the future’. All the children’s and young people’s groups addressed the same question in their sessions and all sent their response to...