Inga möten i Åbo just nu. Om intresserad av lokala möten i Åbo, vänligen ta kontakt med Leena.

No current regular meetings in Turku at the moment. If interested in local meetings in Turku, please contact Leena.

Tällä hetkellä ei säännöllisiä kokouksia. Turussa järjestettäviin hartauksiin liittyen voit olla yhteyksissä Leenaan.

Yhteyshenkilö / Kontaktperson / Contact:

Leena Lampela, lampelanleena@gmail.com


Online Meeting for Worship every first sunday at 1-2 pm

The Religious Society of Friends in Finland organizes a Silent Meeting for Worship every month’s first Sunday at 1-2 pm (Finnish time) online via Zoom. It’s also possible to participate via telephone.
In the attachment you’ll find the permanent link & Finnish phone numbers for the meetings (if you want to call by phone from another country,let us know so we’ll generate a phone number according to your needs).

We open the line latest at 12.45 to give space for testing Zoom etc. Also after the silence there’s space for sharing and chatting.

Also if Zoom is new/challenging to you and you’d like to get help with it
some other time, you can ask for that via the e-mail address suomenkveekarit [at] gmail.com

Zoom-link and further instructions

Hiljainen hartauskokous netissä kuukausittain sunnuntaina klo 13-14

Ystävien uskonnollinen seura Kveekarit ry.järjestää toistaiseksi joka kuukauden ensimmäisenä sunnuntaina klo 13-14 hiljaisen hartauskokouksen Zoomin välityksellä, ja osallistua voi myös puhelimitse. Tilaisuus on kaikille avoin!

Liitteestä löydät pysyvän linkin & puhelinnumerot hartauskokouksiimme sekä ohjeet Zoomin käyttöön.

Avaamme linjat jo klo 12.45 antaaksemme mahdollisuuden Zoomin testailulle ja vaikkapa lyhyelle kuulumisten vaihdolle ennen kokousta. Myös kokouksen jälkeen voi vielä jäädä linjoille jakamaan hartauden antia tai muuten vain juttelemaan.

Jos Zoomin käyttö on sinulle uutta tai hankalaa ja haluaisit harjoitella sitä erikseen, voit pyytää myös tähän apua yllä mainitusta s-postiosoitteesta suomenkveekarit [ät] gmail.com

Zoom-linkki ja tarkemmat ohjeet

Celebrating World Quaker Day 4/10/20 at 6-9 pm with Ecstatic Dance Quaker Worship

Celebrating World Quaker Day 4/10/20 at 6-9 pm with Ecstatic Dance Quaker Worship

In Quaker’s silent Meeting for Worship we gather to just sit together in God’s presence and listen to the whispers of the Spirit in our hearts. Sometimes these whispers inspire us to minister to others, vocally or in some other form.
God’s Spirit can speak to us in so many ways. It can be thoughts and words or it can be images, sensations, feelings, colours, sounds, movement…

In Ecstatic Dance we surrender to our body and let it move us…The rational mind quiets down and gives way to the music and the dance that arises naturally.. so the Spirit can move us in this way, too!

Let’s celebrate World Quaker Day the 4th of October at 6 pm EEST by this experiment to combine Silent Meeting for Worship with dance!
We’ll meet at Zoom (the link to it you’ll find by opening the attached file) and gather for our Meeting for Worship in Silence for a short moment, then continue by dancing to a shared playlist for 1-1,5 h, then continue the Worship in the Silence again for a bit longer than in the beginning.

You are welcome to share in any language, and anyone can help out by translating each other’s words into other languages, and when there’s no translation we can try to feel and listen to the Divine behind the message even if our brain doesn’t understand the words.

The guidelines for Ecstatic dance, adapted to online setting:
We join together to create a safe and sacred space for movement. Eliminating talking on the dance floor allows us to move out of our heads and into our bodies, hearts, and souls. We leave behind the words and worries of the day and connect with spirit and one another in new ways.
Ecstatic Dance has been created as a safe container, whether we’re dancing alone or with others.
This is not a performance, so we can just relax to the move as we feel like, no matter how it looks like… Even your breath and spontaneous sounds can be part of the flowing movement!
You can choose whether you keep the video camera open during the dance or not. Keep your microphone muted.
If you feel like making contact with another dancers, you can non-verbally invite them, and they’ll decide for themselves whether or not they’ll follow your invitation to enjoy a moment of shared dance. If somebody offers you a shared dance and you are not interested, you can simply give them a bow with hands at your heart to say, “no thank you”.
IN PREPARATION FOR THIS ONLINE MEETING FOR WORSHIP, it is a good idea to test your loudspeakers in advance, silence your mobile phone, notify other people sharing the house with you that now you’re going to dedicate a couple of hours for silence and dance, and dont’ wish to be interrupted by words nor audience. If they’d like to join your company, invite them to the Ecstatic dance floor, too!



This event will take place via Zoom, and the link to it you’ll find by opening the attached file.

The playlist will be shared at the Zoom chat during th
Warmly welcome!
Organizer: Aino/ Finland Yearly Meeting