“Living in the spirit is like breathing. Spiritual practice is the in-breath while our loving
action in the world is the out-breath. One flows from the other…We need to give ourselves
permission to breathe in” From Deepening the life of the Spirit by Ginny Wall.

Light represents opportunity and hopefulness. It is the opposite of darkness.

To hold someone in the light is it to give freedom to God to do his work.

Holding someone in the light is only possible when I am there myself, in the light with them. Then
it comes spontaneously.

Sometimes the expression to hold someone in the light is easier for people who do not
have faith. The idea of light is not interfering, it is a simple form of support.

I don’t feel a difference between light and prayer. I imagine holding the person and bringing
them into a space which is as bright as possible.

To hold oneself in the light is to recognise that of god in yourself. Realising what you are
doing is something greater than yourself points to that of god in everyone, including

People need to be refilled with light before they can hold someone else in the light. The
light you give flows from the light you have inside.

Light is like a mirror. It reflects from ourselves to another.

We can easily think that nature comes from sunlight. Spring reminds me of light because Spring
awakens life and light in the sleeping earth.

The is no difference between the light that guides the plants and the light that guides us.

The ability to forgive is one of the gifts of light.

Like a seed which needs time in the darkness in order to muster the energy to push
forward into the light of day, we must experience times of darkness into order to
experience God’s light.

When one room of darkness is next to one room of light, opening the door will cause light
to flood in. The power of light is all encompassing.

To hold someone in the light is hold someone in the ‘well of life and the brook of joy’. It is to
keep them in the energy and life.


Illustrations by Abigail Garbett