Here is a short epistle regarding my and Elvin’s autumn activities.

Yesterday, Elvin and I went to Quaker worship. We arrived early, as I had the key to the meeting from setting up the previous week. Elvin quickly took to helping set up for yesterday’s meeting. He carried out cups, saucers, and bread plates for the fellowship seating, and placed them around the table. Then, he helped arrange the chairs in the meeting circle, even moving chairs all by himself. Finally, he set the small table in the center of the circle and placed the bible and decorative stones atop.

He was then a bit hungry, so we got him a slice of the fellowship rye bread.

It was now time for worship, and Elvin picked seats, next to one another, for me and him. The group settled into the silence. Elvin chewed his bread, bit by bit, until it was gone, and then sat still, quietly breathing. The meeting seemed to settle after a few minutes had passed, with quiet stillness enveloping our group. Elvin sat holding my hand until our quarter-after departure from the room.

We had planned to leave the meeting at that point, to go to a children’s festival in town. As we were nearing our shoes and jackets in the hallway, Elvin looked up at me and said he would like to stay at the Quakers’ a bit longer. We fetched a couple of racecars from my jacket pocket, found a large sheet of paper and drawing colors, and spent the remainder of the hour drawing a racetrack for the cars. Elvin got to show his racetrack, complete with bandstand, flags, firetruck, trash truck, and two monster trucks, to the Quakers after the rise of meeting.

Our moving date is growing near. Next weekend, the movers will come for a couple of hours. I will try to have everything packed and neatly arranged, so that we can move efficiently. Our new apartment has a small, second bedroom, which can be used as a guest room or work-at-home office. The apartment is also nestled downtown, nearby Elvin’s favorite playground, two nice grocery stores, and a five minute walk to the train station. Elvin’s grandpa will stay with us in our new apartment this Christmas, and will hopefully enjoy the proximity to several cafes and museums.

I hope you and your loved ones are doing well, and will enjoy upcoming holidays together.

Love and Light,