In order to maintain our mailing list up to date and easy to use also for the list members, we have opened
two mailing lists: One for the Quaker matters in whole Finland and another for Helsinki worship group/
those interested in quakerly activities in the capital region.

The idea of these lists is that information can be spread to all the subscribers on the list through one e-
mail address, and the subscribers themselves can also send messages to the list, without a need to know
everyone’s e-mail address separately. Everyone can subscribe and unsubscribe to the list independently, but
anyone having difficulty with that can also ask us to do it by mailing us at suomenkveekarit [at]
The lists are primarily meant for sharing information on Quaker matters but also any other thing that one
wants to share specifically with Quakers, or for example invite the others on the list to a demonstration,
forest hike, worship or why not a birthday party!
You’ll find more information on the lists and subscription option through the following links:
Finland: Finlandkveekarit
Capital area: Helsinkikveekarit