Experiment with Light is a guided meditation process based on Quaker tradition. It helps to get in touch with some wisdom beyond the superficial concious mind and sometimes get guidance to different life situations (more info here: http://www.experiment-with-light.org.uk/ ). The process consists of about 40 min guided meditation and time for processing ”the findings” it alone and in group. For this part it’s useful to have paper, pen and possibly some colours at hand.

I will guide EwL in Finnish online from every 3rd thursday of the month (until further notice) from 7 until about 8.30PM at Zoom (the link below).

In English there’s a weekly EwL session online every Tuesday at 6-7.15 Finnish time, and every second thursday of the month at 9-11 pm Finnish time. Details from here: https://www.experiment-with-light.org.uk/events.htm

FB: https://www.facebook.com/ExperimentwithLight/