European Quakers’ organization FWCC-EMES’ annual report 2019 has been published. This year’s report pays attention to easy readability and images from the gatherings during the year. You can find the report on the EMES website.

Also note the online meetings for worship that EMES and Woodbrooke organize almost daily. Here are some comments EMES have received from the attenders:

  • The atmosphere is surprisingly like a face-to-face meeting: gathered and worshipful. Everyone can see everyone, like in the ideal face to face meeting where everyone is in a circle, and spoken ministry can be more clearly heard!
  • Attendance is much better. People who live far from my meeting can easily attend, and it is nice to have them with us more often. As an online meeting is so easy to set up, it can easily be moved to a different hour. We have done that on occasion, moving it to late afternoon European time so that people who are at present in the United States can join us.
  • In fact, the question should be raised at some point whether we should continue meeting online after the end of confinement.

For more information when and how to join in, please see the website at