1. Among Friends

I emailed you last week about the latest edition of Among Friends – here is
a reminder!  You can download it here:

2. Latest from Stop Fuelling War
You can read the latest news from Stop Fuelling War here:

3. EMEYF summer gathering: 18-25 July 2020
Europe & Middle East Young Friends have now set the date for their spring
gathering next year, which will this time be in the summer.  More details
here: https://www.fwccemes.org/calendar/emeyf-summer-gathering

4 Britain YM
The latest newsletter from Britain yearly meeting is available to download

5. Church & Peace
Here are some of the latest updates from Church & Peace:
– Neda Popovic and Mihael Secen, individual members of C&P and directors of
Intero Centar Croatia, are setting up a podcast studio for making podcasts
about LGBT and faith. They will offer an affirming message of God’s love in
their own language, a lifesaving message of hope – because Christ is
all-inclusive. For more info or if you want to become part of this project
by supporting it with your thoughts, prayers and financial contribution,
get in touch with Mihael and Neda via interocentar@gmail.com.

– Brethren Service Europe office, one of the founding members of Church and
Peace, will be closed at the end of 2019. With this Kristin Flory retires
after 33 years as its representative.

Read more about the office
and about Kristin’s work

– Book “Revolutionary Peacemaking: Writings for a Culture of Peace and
Nonviolence” by Daniel Jakopovich. Join the book launch on Nov 27 in London
with the author. The book investigates the contemporary “culture” of
violence and how we can build a culture of peace and nonviolence. More info
on the book and the event at

– In 2020, Bienenberg Theological Seminary in Switzerland is offering a
Learning Tour to Israel/Palestine from 30 May to 10 June 2020. Further
information and registration at:

As always, if you have any news you would like sharing around the Section
please send it to us, emes@fwcccemes.org.

In friendship,