Ystävät Moskovassa pyytävät rukoilemaan ja tekemään työtä rauhan puolesta Ukrainassa. Vänner i Moskva uppmanar att be och arbeta för fred i Ukraina. Friends of Moscow Monthly Meeting urge us pray and work for peace in Ukraine.

Moscow Monthly Meeting of Friends asks you, dear Friends, to pray and work with us for peace in Ukraine. We propose the following principles to guide our prayers and our advocacy:

1. For government based on compassion instead of coercion, free from international interference.
2. For reconciliation among all the people of Ukraine regardless of ethnicity.
3. For all the different ethnic groups of Ukraine to be able to express their hopes and expectations freely.
4. For all controversies to be resolved without violence.

Moscow Friends will continue to follow the situation closely and prayerfully. Please join us.

Johan Maurer and Mikhail Roshchin

Moscow Monthly Meeting of Friend